Nuclear warhead safety

"Nuclear warhead safety," Science & Global Security, 2, no. 4, (1991): 379-385.
The occasional report in our previous issue included an assessment of nuclear warhead safety based on the Report of the Panel on Nuclear Weapons Safety of the Committee on Armed Services House of Representatives, December 1990 (the Drell Panel Report) and on a letter to Dante B. Fascell, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs by Ray Kidder. Since then, Kidder has published Report to the Congress: Assessment of the Safety of U.S. Nuclear Weapons and Related Nuclear Test Requirements (Livermore, California: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Report UCRL-LR-107454, 26 July 1991). We include here two excerpts from this report, one a grade-sheet on the safety of the US nuclear weapon stockpile and the second the summary of the report's conclusions relating to the need for further nuclear weapon testing.

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