Aims and scope

Science & Global Security is an international journal for peer-reviewed scientific and technical studies to support international security, arms control, disarmament, and nonproliferation policy. The journal covers nuclear, biological, chemical, space and cyber technologies and programs and related security issues. Its goals are to help develop the technical basis for new policy initiatives to reduce the risks from these technologies to international peace and security and to provide a resource for further scholarship and policy analysis.

Articles for the journal should be written so that the results can be checked and reproduced by technical analysts while the essential issues and conclusions are accessible to a policy audience. Beyond providing a basis for policy, the journal publishes review articles, and short research and occasional notes. All issues of the journal are translated into Russian.

Peer Review Policy: All research articles in this journal have undergone peer review, based on initial editor screening and outside refereeing, most often by two anonymous referees.

Publication office: Taylor & Francis, Inc., 530 Walnut Street, Suite 850, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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