Disposition of separated plutonium

Frans Berkhout, Anatoli Diakov, Harold Feiveson, Helen Hunt, Edwin Lyman, Marvin Miller, Frank von Hippel, "Disposition of separated plutonium," Science & Global Security, 3, no. 3-4, (1993): 161-213.
In the immediate term, plutonium, recovered from dismantled nuclear warheads and from civil reprocessing plants, will have to be stored securely, and under international safeguards if possible. In the intermediate term, the principal alternatives for disposition of this plutonium are: irradiation in mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel assemblies in commercial unmodified light-water reactors or in specially adapted light-water reactors capable of operating with full cores of MOX fuel or incorporation into a matrix with high-level waste (HLW). Of these three options, blending plutonium into HLW as it is being glassified for final disposal is probably the least costly and the least burdensome to safeguards resources.

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