Locating nuclear explosions at the Chinese test site near Lop Nor

Vipin Gupta, "Locating nuclear explosions at the Chinese test site near Lop Nor," Science & Global Security, 5, no. 2, (1995): 205-244.
This paper describes how commercial satellite imagery was used along with teleseismic P-wave arrival time data to locate 21 Chinese nuclear tests. The results include a set of refined location estimates for atmospheric and underground tests as well as error vectors from the initial seismic location estimates to the refined location estimates. The analysis of the results provided new information on Chinese nuclear testing patterns which have been used to revise China's testing history and assist the satellite monitoring of the test site. The paper concludes with an evaluation of commercial satellite imaging for monitoring nuclear tests and an assessment of the implications of the results with respect to the verification of a comprehensive test ban (CTB).

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