A proposed approach for monitoring nuclear warhead dismantlement

Eric R. Gerdes, Roger G. Johnston, James E. Doyle, "A proposed approach for monitoring nuclear warhead dismantlement," Science & Global Security, 9, no. 2, (2001): 113-141.
Two novel approaches for monitoring nuclear warhead dismantlement have been developed by the Applied Monitoring and Transparency Laboratory at Los Alamos National Lab. These approaches were recently demonstrated at Pantex and in the Device Assembly Facility (DAF) at the Nevada Test Site. The systems used to demonstrate these concepts are called the Integrated Facility Monitoring System (IFMS) and the Magazine Transparency System (MTS). IFMS is intended as a limited chain-of-custody system for monitoring dismantlement operations, while MTS can be used for short or long-term storage (and possibly the transport) of nuclear weapons, components, and materials. Both IFMS and MTS possess a number of the attributes required for an effective START III regime including negotiability, simplicity, good confidence and transparency, minimal invasiveness, limited needed for the presence of foreign personnel or hardware inside nuclear facilities, protection for classified information, and no compromise of domestic nuclear security and safeguards. Additional testing of these approaches under realistic conditions will improve the chances that such systems could be used effectively in future arms control agreements.

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