Alternatives for Additional Spent Fuel Storage in South Korea

J. Kang, "Alternatives for Additional Spent Fuel Storage in South Korea," Science & Global Security, 10, no. 3, (2002): 181-209.
As its at-reactor (AR) spent fuel storage pools become saturated, South Korea will have to increase interim storage capacity for spent fuel. This study estimates South Korea's additional spent fuel storage requirements through the year 2030, and then evaluates one measure with the potential for reducing requirements for new away-from reactor (AFR) storage: transshipment of spent fuel between nuclear power plant (NPP) sites. Such transshipment, if implemented, could make a significant contribution to relieving requirements for additional spent fuel storage. If intersite transshipment cannot be implemented due to concerns about transport of spent fuel or for other reasons, on-site dry storage would be the next most cost effective alternative.

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