Tracking Chinese Strategic Mobile Missiles

Li Bin, "Tracking Chinese Strategic Mobile Missiles," Science & Global Security, 15, no. 1, (2007): 1-30.
This paper analyzes the maneuverability, capabilities, and survivability of Chinese DF-31 mobile missiles and the ability of a proposed U.S. Space Radar system to persistently track them. The author posits possible defense strategies for the Chinese military and concludes that the survivability of the mobile DF-31's is not guaranteed during a nuclear attack given the huge U.S. strategic arsenal, but also questions the ability of the proposed U.S. Space Radar system to persistently track the DF-31's if the Chinese military engages in relatively simple countermeasures. Neither China nor the United States can be completely confident of a strategic advantage. The two countries need strategic dialogues to improve relations on this topic.

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