GUI_Missile_Flyout: A General Program for Simulating Ballistic Missiles

Geoffrey Forden, "GUI_Missile_Flyout: A General Program for Simulating Ballistic Missiles," Science & Global Security, 15, no. 2, (2007): 133-146.
GUI_Missile_Flyout is a stand-alone program running under Windows for simulating ballistic missiles with 1, 2, or 3 stages in a framework with a round, rotating Earth. Users can easily input all the necessary parameters in an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). A modest number of quantities can be interactively plotted on the Interface but the complete trajectory can be saved as either an Excel or Matlab file for further analysis. The trajectory can also be directly displayed in Google Earth for visualization. The GUI can be used to optimize pitch-over parameters to maximize range or aim at a specific target (entered, as is the launch site) through latitude-longitude pairs. In addition to an introduction to using the program, this article describes the integration of the three-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion and approximations made to the aerodynamic (such as a parameterized drag coefficient, C d ). The program is freely available from the website: Although written using MATLAB, it is not necessary for the user to own that program.

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