Nuclear Security and Nuclear Emergency Response in China

Dean Knox, "Nuclear Security and Nuclear Emergency Response in China," Science & Global Security, 20, no. 1, (2012): 30-63.
The rapid expansion of China's nuclear industry poses a security challenge not only for the Chinese government, but also the international community. China's nuclear regulators and nuclear emergency responders face a shortage of human resources and expertise. China's nuclear emergency responders are overwhelmingly focused on nuclear reactor safety issues and have only begun to prepare for acts of nuclear terrorism. While the political leadership is seeking to strengthen nuclear security in light of international attention and the risk that a single incident could pose for future growth, these efforts are complicated by limited inter-agency coordination, an outdated and at times contradictory legal structure, and ambiguities in the division of regulatory responsibilities. This article outlines the major players in Chinese civilian nuclear security and nuclear emergency response, then discusses their responsibilities, plans, and interactions.

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