Review and Redaction-Tolerant Image Verification Using Cryptographic Methods

Robert J. Hughes, "Review and Redaction-Tolerant Image Verification Using Cryptographic Methods," Science & Global Security 29, no. 1 (2021): 3-16

Verification inspections that support nuclear weapon arms control treaties can require photographs to be taken as part of the inspection evidence. In a nuclear weapon facility, the host would generally want to review images before they are released to the inspector to prevent the accidental release of sensitive information. Currently, giving the host sole custody of the images for review severely impacts the confidence of the inspector that the images are genuine and unmodified. This paper outlines how simple cryptographic methods can be employed to allow the host sole custody for review while maintaining the inspector's confidence in the veracity of the images. The concept is then expanded to propose and illustrate the capability for the host to redact a portion of an image while still allowing the inspector to verify that the remainder of the image is genuine. The ability to allow a host to have sole custody of images for review, and even redaction, without affecting inspector confidence in the veracity of the images they receive would contribute to improved processes for nuclear weapon verification in future arms control treaties.

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